Going with hugo

Changing from handmade pages to Hugo

After reading about Hugo I decided to give it a go and leave the hand made pages behind.

To be honest, I first considered Ghost and gave that a quick spin. Although I really enjoyed Ghosts editor I really dislike the dependencies it put on my server, and why generate the same pages over and over again?

Why hugo them?

With Hugo, the site is generated from Markdown to static HTML ridiculously fast (we’re talking microseconds here). It has one dependency (hugo itself). It works on Windows as well as Mac. It uses Markdown.

And, the fact that it is implemented in go and open source does not hurt.

A few hours

Setting up a basic site and creating a theme was only a matter of a few hours. The Hugo Quickstart is basically what you need to read, then your good to start publishing.

The theme for this site is liquorice, a theme I made myself and made available under the MIT license. I’ll try write another post on that topic, meanwhile feel free to download the theme at github