Markus Eliasson.

A thorough technical lead with a passion for producing valuable and clean code. Tends to occasionally blog about building software and can't seem to make up his mind on which programming language to use next.

Consultant at factor10

For the last five years I have been test driving pretty much all the code I have written. This is a retrospective on why it took so long to get started, where I see the greatest benefits and where it is still hard.

The fear of releasing is real, it is the fear of failure.

What is technical debt, who owns it and when is it due? Post #2 in a series of post about obstacles around software development.

Why do we have obstacles in software development when software is almost free from constraints?

Writing clear, consice and maintainable tests can be quite challenging regardless of tool and language. Following the practices discussed here will hopefully help you achieve this if you are using ScalaTest.

Now that we have defined what we want the Sequence language to look like, we need to formalize this in a grammar and then build a parser to parse our input into an Abstract Syntax Tree